Dla reform and Personal Independence Payment – completing the detailed design

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eligibility to the benefit – residence and presence tests, and how children in receipt of DLA will be brought through to Personal Independence Payment at age 16;

  • payability of the benefit for certain groups – how payment of the benefit will be affected for residents of care homes, hospital in-patients, and for people undergoing legal detention; and not providing for an extension of the mobility component to Motability leaseholders affected by the hospital rules;

  • the requirements relating to reassessing DLA recipients – this specifically looks at the rules relating to people aged 16–64 who will be in receipt of DLA in April 2013, and sets out what they can expect from us and what they will need to do if they want to claim Personal Independence Payment; and

  • passporting arrangements – this sets out our intentions on how Personal Independence Payment will be used as a gateway for other benefits and schemes, including those for which other Government Departments are responsible and our work with Devolved Administrations relating to their schemes.

    1.6 This document includes proposals to change the residence and presence conditions in DLA, Attendance Allowance and Carer’s Allowance so that they align with the approach we have set out for Personal Independence Payment. It also outlines our intention to end the existing extension for DLA Motability leaseholders who remain hospital in-patients beyond 28-days. Since this extension is being removed from DLA from April 2013 we will not be replicating it in Personal Independence Payment.

    1.7 Throughout the development of Personal Independence Payment, Ministers and officials have engaged extensively with disabled people, their families, and disability organisations at both a national and local-level, to seek input to the reforms. The Department has set up an Implementation Development Group4 specifically for customer representatives to contribute to the design and development of the operational processes needed to deliver the new benefit. This work is ongoing and remains fundamental to the design of Personal Independence Payment.

    1.8 Responses from this consultation will inform the development of secondary legislation that will underpin the new benefit. We would like to hear from disabled people and their organisations to ensure that we are able to consider their views and get the detailed design right. We are therefore carrying out a formal consultation which will run for 14 weeks, from 26 March to 30 June 2012. Our current intention is that final draft Regulations will be made by the end of this year.

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