Dla reform and Personal Independence Payment – completing the detailed design

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7. Passporting arrangements

7.1 Section 92 of the Act includes powers to make consequential amendments to existing legislation through secondary legislation.

  1. Entitlement to Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a commonly accepted and broad definition of disability. In many instances receipt of a particular component/rate of DLA can provide a passport to other support, although it may not always be the only route to entitlement.

7.3 In designing the assessment for Personal Independence Payment, and the entitlements it will bring, the Government committed to keep in mind the existing passporting arrangements with a view to maintaining them wherever possible.

7.4 This chapter covers DWP related benefits and schemes and schemes and provides an update on our work with other Government Departments and the Devolved Administrations who are responsible for sponsoring their own schemes. It sets out proposals on the component and rate of Personal Independence Payment that will be used as a gateway for other benefits and schemes.

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