Dla reform and Personal Independence Payment – completing the detailed design

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Question 15

There will be limited appeal rights against the decision to terminate DLA and safeguards will ensure that people who genuinely were not able to claim Personal Independence Payment within the time limits will be able to re-engage with the claiming process without penalty. Is this a fair and proportionate approach to ensure people engage with the claiming process?

Question 16

Do our plans and timetable to reassess people for Personal Independence Payment appear sensible and reasonable? If not, what changes do you think we should consider introducing?

Question 17

We intend to build in a process to help us identify claimants who may need additional help to claim, for example those with learning difficulties or mental health problems who do not have an appointee. Although this process will not be subject to regulations, we would be grateful for any views on this proposal and how best to identify those people who need additional support from the Department or from other organisations.

Question 18

Our plans include procedures and rules to ensure that everyone invited to claim Personal Independence Payment will be repeatedly reminded before their benefit is first suspended and then terminated. Are there any other matters we should consider to ensure that everyone currently on DLA who may be entitled to claim Personal Independence Payment does so, and within reasonable time limits?

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