Dla reform and Personal Independence Payment – completing the detailed design

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Who will be reassessed

5.3 All existing claimants to DLA who are aged between 16 and 64 when Personal Independence Payment is introduced (8 April 2013) will be invited to claim Personal Independence Payment and will be assessed for the new benefit if they choose to claim it. This will apply to those on both fixed and indefinite awards. Anyone who is aged 65 or over on that date will not be reassessed for Personal Independence Payment and will remain on DLA as long as they continue to satisfy the entitlement conditions. We estimate that around two million people will be invited to claim Personal Independence Payment.

5.4 In developing and designing Personal Independence Payment, the Department has taken account of the Military Covenant agreement that recognises the unique and important role played by the UK Armed Forces and ensures that they continue to receive fair treatment, are valued and respected as individuals. We are working with the Ministry of Defence to explore how we ensure that those injured as a result of service are able to access the right support and are able to live full, active and independent lives. As part of this, we will consider how veterans who are injured during active service should be assessed.

5.5 There are two broad categories of existing DLA claimants who will go through the reassessment process:

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