Discussion questions English 12ap novak

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Catch-22 Discussion questions

English 12AP Novak

1. What is especially gruesome about Kid Sampson's death? (Ch. 30)

2. How does Doc Daneeka "die"? (Ch. 31)

3. Who learns to lie and is surprised by how easy it is? (Ch. 34)

4. Who gets "disappeared" and why? (Ch. 34)

5. What alleged theft and subversive activity prompts the accusation against Chaplain Tappman? (Ch. 36)

6. What is the significance of "The Eternal City" chapter? (Ch. 39)

7. With what is Yossarian particularly concerned in "The Eternal City"? (Ch. 39)

8. With what is Milo obsessed? (Ch. 39)

9. What are some of the beatings Yossarian witnesses in "The Eternal City"? (Ch. 39)

10. What crime(s) do(es) Aarfy commit in "The Eternal City"? (Ch. 39)

11. How does Aarfy rationalize his actions? (Ch. 39)

12. What do Korn and Cathcart demand of Yossarian in exchange for sending him home? (Ch. 40)

13. What is Snowden's secret? (Ch. 17 & 41)

14. Why does the chaplain say, "'I believe in God again'"? (Ch. 42)

15. What is significant about the ending of the novel? (Ch. 42)

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