Discussion Questions and Vocabulary

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All the President’s Men

Chapter One

Discussion Questions and Vocabulary


opulent (13)

prima donna (15)
counterculture (15)
indigent (16)
implausible (19)

Questions about the Reading

The Watergate Hotel was known for its upscale prices: two-bedroom apartments sold for $100,000. How much was $100,000 in 1972? (Use an internet calculator to account for inflation.)

Though the book is about Nixon’s presidency, the relationship between Woodward and Bernstein is central to the story. What is each character like? What do they think of one another before they begin working together?

How did the first paragraph of Woodward’s original article read? Does he approve of Bernstein’s edits? What does this tell us about their relationship?
How does Woodward track the scandal to Howard Hunt and Charles Colson? Who are these men (specifically, how are they connected to the White House)?

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Download 4.87 Kb.

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