Discussion Question Answers: Chapter 4 – Assisted Living

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Discussion Question Answers: Chapter 4 – Assisted Living
1. What is assisted living, and how does it differ from nursing facility care?

  • A long-term care alternative for seniors who need more assistance than is available in a retirement community, but who do not require the heavy medical and nursing care provided in a nursing facility

  • Less nursing care than a nursing facility

  • Residents need help with fewer ADLs

  • More living options (rooms, suites, apartments)

  • Ala carte services

2. Who provides assisted living?

3. What services are usually included in assisted living?

  • Personal care services

  • Health services

  • Social services

  • Supervision of persons with cognitive disabilities

  • Social and religious activities

  • Exercise and educational opportunities

  • Laundry and linen service

  • Housekeeping and maintenance

4. How is assisted living financed?

  • Mostly private pay

  • Basic fee plus added fees for added services

5. What regulations apply to assisted living?

6. What are some of the ethical and legal issues affecting assisted living?

  • Autonomy and decision making

  • Aging in lace

7. What trends are likely to affect assisted living in the future?

  • Movement toward agreement about what assisted living is

  • Increased regulation

  • Growth in coverage by managed care and government

  • Integration with other providers

8. In reference to the case at the end of this chapter, consider the following:

a. What different needs do Maria and Jose have that are being met by the assisted living facility?

  • Maria:

  • Help caring for Jose

  • Relief from mental and physical stress of being caregiver

  • Relief from worrying about Jose

  • Suitable housing

  • Transportation

  • Jose:

  • Supervised housing

  • Personal care

  • Medication supervision

  • Activities/therapy

  • Relief from worrying about Maria

b. If the assisted living services were not available, what would Maria and Jose’s situation likely be at this time? In the near future?

  • Jose would probably be in a nursing care facility due to worsened condition

  • Maria’s condition might also have deteriorated to where she needs help

  • They would be separated

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