Discussion Posting Guidelines

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Discussion Posting Guidelines

Sample AGREE Starters

When you support or agree with what someone is saying, you may want to use these response starters:

  • I agree with _____. I think his/her strongest point was ____ because …

  • I agree with _____. I would also like to add …

  • _____ makes an excellent point. I also believe …

Sample DISAGREE Starters

  • ____ makes an excellent point when he/she stated _____. However, I disagree with _______ because …

  • I agree with part of your posting. I support you on ____, but I feel differently about _____. Let me explain why …

Example Post and Replies:

  • Discussion Prompt:
What is your favorite pet?

  • Sample Student Response:
My name is Shane, and my favorite pet is a cat because they are independent, you do not have to take them for a walk, and they take care of the mice. They are better than fish because they can play with you.

  • Sample Agree Student Reply:
I agree with Shane. I would also like to add that cats are very playful. My cat likes to play with a ball of yarn and chase it around the house.

  • Sample Disagree Student Reply:
I agree with part of your posting, Shane. I support you on having a favorite pet, but I feel differently about cats. Let me explain why dogs are better than cats. I agree that having a cat saves you time because you do not have to walk it, but I enjoy walking my dog. Walking a dog takes you outside, lets you enjoy the fresh air, and gets you some exercise.

Please contact your instructor if you have any questions concerning your discussion assignment.

Download 42.35 Kb.

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