Discipline In order to have an effective school learning environment, a degree of classroom management needs to be present. All teachers are expected to assume responsibility for discipline. Teachers should

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Tommy Elliott, Principal

Gloria Smith, School Counselor



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In order to have an effective school learning environment, a degree of classroom management needs to be present. All teachers are expected to assume responsibility for discipline. Teachers should be able to handle individual cases involving discipline. However, you should not tolerate insubordination, lack of proper respect, or improper conduct on the part of a student or students.

Each teacher will implement the school-wide discipline plan. Teachers will be provided with training.

Teacher's Responsibilities

  • To be in the classroom on time, ready to receive students with well-prepared lessons.

  • To inform students of school rules and regulations.

  • To assume responsibility for all students of the school, not just those in their classroom.

  • To inform parents regarding their child's behavior.

  • To maintain an atmosphere where learning can take place.

  • To post and enforce classroom standards.

  • To teach Student Code of Conduct and administer Code of Conduct test.

  • To promote school-wide discipline plan

Some points to remember:

  • From the very first day be firm but fair and consistent. Tell them at once what you expect. Set up procedures for all routine matters (sharpening pencils, distributing books, collecting papers, trash disposal, etc). Establish acceptable standards and behavior (talking, whispering, moving about the room, dismissal, etc). Be flexible but stick to the expectations you set up. Never promise consequences that you know you will be unable to deliver.

  • *Cutting or reducing student grades is not acceptable disciplinary action.*

c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\clipart\themes1\bullets\bd14565_.gifTake charge at the opening bell and stay in charge. This is a crucial time of year-a time when forethought, planning, and extra effort pay high dividends.
c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\clipart\themes1\bullets\bd14565_.gifGet to know your students as soon as possible: learn their names and study their records. Find out about their interests, their abilities, and their problems.

  • Teachers should keep a documentation folder including student information such as: notes from the parents, copies of notes sent to the parents, notes of phone conversations with parents, copies of school conference requests, disciplinary records, etc.

  • Resist any urge to discipline a student when you’re angry.

Please consider the following:

  • No child is to be asked to stand in the hall for disciplinary purposes.

  • No child is to be sent to sit in the office for disciplinary purposes.

  • No student is to be sent to ISS (if applicable) by the teacher unless you have notification by me to do so.

  • Except in rare cases, the teacher is expected to contact the parent/guardian before referring the student to the office. A one-time call home is not always sufficient. You may need to speak with a parent more than once or ask the parent to come to the school for a conference.

  • It is required that a disciplinary form must be completed before the child is sent to the office. Be certain to include all actions taken by you before the referral. Completely and accurately describe what the student has done.

  • Please use conference request forms as a means to get parents to meet with you.

Thank you,

Mr. Elliott

In most cases, there is no acceptable reason for students to misbehave. Making sure students clearly know rules and routines and consistent reinforcement of those rules and routines will result in effective classroom management and a positive learning environment.

Whitehaven Elementary STEM Academy

Tommy Elliott, Principal


Elliott Behavior Point System

at a Glance

  1. Students fail to maintain points for inappropriate behaviors. (All students begin day with 10pts).

  1. The class fails to maintain points for inappropriate behaviors. (The class begins the day with 10pts).

  1. A student can maintain up to 20pts per day. (Teachers may add or subtract points

as needed). note; may earn more than 20pts with plus points

  1. When a student loses a point the teacher will say, "Student's name, you fail to maintain 1 point," and gives the reason.

  1. When a student earns a plus point the teacher will say, "Student's name, good job, you

have earned a plus point," and gives the reason.

  1. Students are given plus points to help motivate good behavior. Plus points give a

student the opportunity to make the appropriate conduct grade if indivually and/or

class points are not maintained.

  1. Teachers will record the student/class points easily and visibly on the point sheet.

  1. The conduct grade will follow the acceptable grading scale.

(18-20pts = E, 14-17pts = S, 10-13pts = N, 0-9pts =U)

  1. The EBPS classroom expectations will be posted in the classroom.

  1. A Behavior Contract for students who are not responding

after two weeks will be completed by the student, parent, teacher, counselor and


  1. A weekly behavior evaluation report will be sent home weekly.

The goal of the EBPS is to reinforce behaviors that evidence character and lead to an increase of appropriate behaviors in the classroom. For instance, behaviors that are appropriate for the classroom will be reinforced; that is, exhibiting such character behaviors as responsibility, punctuality, cleanliness, kindness, courteousness, perseverance, tolerance, generosity, school pride, sportsmanship, dependability, honesty, respect for others, respect for self and the environment, cooperation, and self-discipline will lead to rewards. Consistent with observational learning theory, the EBPS allows students to observe appropriate behaviors from their classmates and learn how to discipline themselves. The reinforcements can be earned by the individual and as a class. Points are maintain/earned by students displaying good behavior individually and as a class. The use of the point system for the behavior of the class was designed to produce positive peer pressure within the class. All teachers who use the EBPS will receive training.

Whitehaven Elementary STEM Academy

Tommy Elliott, Principal

R” Club Guidelines


The “R” Club is designed to encourage excellent behavior in elementary school aged children through positive reinforcement. It is a constant reminder of the need for Responsible, On time, Always safe and Respectful (R.O.A.R.) in every aspect of life each day.

  • “Rs” may be given to classes which demonstrate R.O.A.R. in class, in the hallway or in the cafeteria.

  • Principal, Facilitator, Counselor, Special Area teachers, Secretaries, Custodial staff and cafeteria monitors may give “Rs.”

  • Each “R” must be signed by the person giving it.

  • Homeroom teachers may not give “Rs.”

  • Each Special Area Teacher determines criteria for obtaining an “R” for his or her class period. (Suggestion: Draw a box on the board. Each time the class’s behavior is unacceptable, place an “X” inside the box. If three (3) “Xs” are placed in the box during the class period, then no “R” is awarded that day.)


  • To obtain membership in the “R” Club a class must earn fifteen (15) “Rs.” At this time the “R” Club banner is awarded.

  • When an additional fifteen (15) “Rs” has been earned, a yellow star is awarded and should be attached to the “R” Club banner.

  • Twenty (20)“Rs” are required to earn all subsequent stars for the “R” Club banner.


  • Banners and stars are awarded on the intercom every Friday during the Morning Announcements by Mr. Elliott. Banners are hung outside of each homeroom earning this honor.

  • One or more representatives from each class appear on the intercom to obtain the banner or star.

  • The required number of “Rs” is placed on poster board for clear viewing, and is exchanged for the “R” banner or star. (At Whitehaven Elementary, classes who have earned a star receive 5 ACE Bucks per student to shop in the Tiger Store)

  • Classes who earned the most stars will be allowed to shop in the Tiger Store first. (students will have opportunities to earn ACE Bucks individually and as a group)

  • The homeroom that earns the most stars for the year is given a special reward as determined by the Leadership Committee.

Award Application Procedure:

  • It is the responsibility of each homeroom teacher to notify Mr. Elliott when his/her class has earned the required number of “Rs” for an award, and would like to appear on the next Friday morning broadcast to receive it.

  • Notification should occur no less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the next Friday morning broadcast.

  • Notifications received in less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the next Friday morning broadcast will be scheduled for the following Friday.

  • It is the responsibility of each homeroom teacher to send representatives to the office to receive the award for his/her class.

Mr. T. Elliott 2011

1st (N or U)
(E) 1 ACE Bucks


Verbal Warning or call parent

2nd (N or U)


Student Conference

(Call Parent)

3rd (N or U)



Silent Lunch

(Complete log sheet)

Action Plan 1

(Call Parent)

4th (N or U)



Time Out (20-30min.) with peer teacher. To accompany student send work. Action Plan 2

*Parent Conference

5th (N or U)


Refer to Counselor

6th (N or U)


Refer to Principal

*SEVERE CAUSES automacated refer to Principal

  1. Weapons 5. Profanity

  2. Fighting 6. Drugs / Alcohol

  3. Vandalism 7. Etc.

  4. Inappropriate Bodily Contact

Class Discipline Consequence Log



Teacher__________________________ Grade_________


Verbal Warning

(N or U)


Student Conference, (Call Parent)

(N or U)


Silent Lunch, Action Plan 1 (Call Parent)

(N or U)


Time Out


Action Plan 2

(Call Parent) Parent Confer.


Refer to counselor Action Plan 3

(Call Parent)

(N or U)


Refer to an Administrator

(N or U)







* This page should be in the students red folder.

Reporting Discipline Problems


  1. Any child being referred to an administrator or counselor should have

the following items:

  • Offense(s) clearly written out in detail on the online Discipline Referral Form.

  • Completed class discipline consequence log.

  • Completed Action Plan

  1. Please be specific. Whatever the problem, please explain clearly.

Write exact statements, witnesses, if fighting how many hits passed, etc. Remember, we were not there; we will have to be clear and specific when communicating to parents.

  1. On severe causes call the main office. Never send the student(s) to

the office to sit and wait on an administrator.
Action Plan


Student’s Name:_______________________ Date:________

Teacher’s Name:_______________________

This is a picture of my problem. Write one sentence about my problem.

This is a picture of how I will act differently the next time. Write one sentence that explains the picture.

Parent’s Signature:________________________________________

Teacher Comments:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Action Plan #1
Name_______________________________ Date____________
Grade_______ Teacher_______________________
DIRECTIONS: Please answer the following questions in complete sentences and honestly as possible.

  1. Where and when did the problem happen?_________________


  1. Who was involved?_____________________________________


  1. Explain what happened during the incident.________________


  1. Did your behavior break our school rule(s)? Which one(s)?___


  1. Use a dictionary to define the following words.(write on back)

1. respect 2. behavior 3. honest

4. responsibility 5. perseverance 6. courage

7. character 8. citizenship 9. improve

Action Plan #2

Name___________________________ Date____________
Grade_______________ Teacher______________________
DIRECTIONS: Please answer the following questions in complete sentences and honestly as possible.

1. Describe your plan to improve your behavior._______________


  1. Tell why it is important to change your actions._____________


  1. List 3 ways you plan to change your actions.________________


  1. Write a complete sentence for each word. (write on back)

1. respect 2. behavior 3. honest

4. responsibility 5. perseverance 6. courage

7. character 8. citizenship 9. improve

Timeout Log





Peer Teacher


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