Disc 1 Side a bells of San Fernando

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Disc 1 Side A

Bells of San Fernando

A ruthless land baron controls the town of San Fernando and the surrounding area by guarding the only entrance to the valley. When the land baron announces his intention to marry the local girl loved by another man, it forces the boyfriend to make a daring plan. The boyfriend looks to escape with his girl out of the valley and get word to the Governor on what the land baron has been doing.

Starring Donald Woods

(1947) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

Below the Border

The Rough Riders, three friends who work on bringing justice to the West, are embarking on their new case involving a murderous criminal with eyes on a family’s fortune in jewels. Each of the Rough Riders poses as complete strangers to each other, in order to better investigate the case. When one of the Rangers goes under cover in the criminal’s gang, he finds himself in great danger and in need of his fellow Riders.

Starring Buck Jones

(1942) B&W 57 Minutes Unrated

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