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Amnesty International, a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights, places quotation marks around the word disappearance because

(5 points)

  • it is an undefined term.

  • it is associated with too much fear.

  • someone can’t actually disappear.

  • tt’s too painful to not put in quotes marks.


Amnesty International reports the use of torture in how many countries?

(5 points)

  • 25

  • 125

  • 150

  • 225


A prisoner of conscience is someone who

(5 points)

  • has committed violent acts against his/her government.

  • feels guilty about something he/she has done.

  • has been imprisoned for committing a misdemeanor.

  • has been imprisoned for their thoughts/beliefs.


Disappearances occur because

(5 points)

  • poor governments don’t have the ability to prevent them.

  • governments need a way of protecting their countries from the influences of multinational corporations.

  • governments need ways of silencing opposition groups.

  • governments take action against serial killers.


A frequent response of military regimes to accusations of gross violations of human rights is

(5 points)

  • to claim that they are investigating the incident.

  • to arrest and punish those involved.

  • to deny that human rights of citizens have been violated.

  • Both choice 1 and choice 3 are correct.


The Nazi policy that ordered anyone arrested on suspicion of endangering German security to be transferred to Germany under “cover of night” was known as which decree?

(5 points)

  • Disappearance Decree

  • Nazi-Grabbing Decree

  • Night and Fog Decree

  • Security Decree


Which of the following is NOT typical of a disappearance?

(5 points)

  • The victim is seized by armed men and is transported to an unknown destination.

  • Government authorities deny there has been an arrest.

  • The family receives a hefty ransom request.

  • The victims are often tortured or killed.


Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of response identified among family members that experience a relative’s disappearance?

(5 points)


The United States is counted as one of the countries guilty of torture because

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