Disability Confident Britain The Disability and Health Employment Strategy – One year on

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Equality Challenge Unit has launched new guidance for careers advisers working in Higher Education institutions on “What works in supporting disabled students’ transitions from higher education into employment”.
Case Study: Former Remploy Factory Employee

Nigel Samuel, who has a hearing impairment, is enjoying his new career as a production technician at Fashion Enter, having completed a comprehensive retraining programme.

The 51-year-old from Hackney worked for 17 years as an operative at Remploy’s Haringey factory and admitted to feeling sad when it closed.
But his future is now looking brighter than ever. “I enjoyed the training I received and going back to the place where I worked for so long to do a new job with new colleagues - and some familiar faces - has been a fantastic experience,” he said.
Eni-Ola Oluwatuminu, Nigel’s trainer at Fashion Enter, added: “Initially, I was concerned about his lack of experience but watching Nigel learn and gain confidence has been very rewarding for me.” This is an online publication. Contact us for more information.

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