The Effects of Culture on Self-Implicated Processes: a comparison of Canadians and Japanese
  Acculturation of the Self-Concept Move the Body, Change the Self: Acculturative Effects on the Self-Concept
  Terror Management and Marketing: He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins Naomi Mandel
  Of the requirements for the degree of
  7 Japanese Self-Criticism Beyond Self-Presentation: Evidence for Self-Criticism Among Japanese
  Culture, Self-Discrepancies, and Self-Satisfaction
  Divergent Consequences of Success and Failure in Japan and North America: An Investigation of Self-Improving Motivations and Malleable Selves
  Culture and Motivation: What Motivates People to Act in the Ways That They Do?
  Self-Enhancement in Japan? A reply to Brown and Kobayashi
  Why the Better-than-Average Effect is a Worse-than-Average Measure of Self-Enhancement: An Investigation of Conflicting Findings from Studies of East Asian Self-Evaluations
  Self as Cultural Product: An Examination of East Asian and North American Selves
  Somatization vs. Psychologization of Emotional Distress: a paradigmatic Example for Cultural Psychopathology
  An Exploration of Cultural Variation in Self-Enhancing and Self-Improving Motivations
  41 Culture and Positive Self-Regard Is There a Universal Need for Positive Self-Regard?
  Interjudge Agreement, Self-Enhancement, and Liking: Cross-Cultural Divergences
  The double-edged sword
  The Cultural Construction of Self-Enhancement: An Examination of Group-Serving Biases
  Social Desirability Among Canadian and Japanese Students
  Self-Improving Motivations among Chileans Self-Improving Motivations and Collectivism: The Case of Chileans
  Cultural Psychology. In Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives (Section IX). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications
  Death and Black Diamonds: Meaning, Mortality, and the Meaning Maintenance Model
  Approach and Avoidance Motivation across Cultures Takeshi Hamamura
  East Asian Self-Enhancement In Search of East Asian Self-Enhancement
  Culture and Positive Illusions in Close Relationships: How My Relationships are Better than Yours
  Optimal Self-Esteem Optimal is as Optimal does
  Of the requirements for the degree of
  What's Wrong with Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Subjective Likert Scales?: The Reference-Group Effect
  Cultural Psychology
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