Leadership Development Programs and ecq-based Readings
  How to Implement a Book Club at Work
  March 27, 1968 Israel and the Arabs Israeli Raid in Jordan
  The Ghana-Guinea Dispute
  Abd al-Hamid, M. K. (1964). Ma`rakat Sina wa-Qanat al-Suways [The Sinai and Suez Canal Attacks]
  June 21, 1967 Middle East Crisis: 5-Point Johnson Peace Plan
  March 05, 1969 Middle East: Jerusalem Bomb Blast
  New Constitution in Force. Government Forces’ Successes against Rebels.“People's Republic,” established in Stanleyville. Relations with Neighbouring Countries. External Military Aid. Extraordinary Session of O
  Section: First Section; A2 length: 790 words The United States and Cuba
  Initial Measures of New Regime
  Leadership Development Seminars and ecq-based Readings
  Section: International length: 635 words byline
  Issue Date: August 24, 1955
  National/foreign; Pg. 1 p Length: 1261 words headline
  Keesing's Record of World Events (formerly Keesing's Contemporary Archives)
  Keesing's Record of World Events (formerly Keesing's Contemporary Archives)
  Take-over of Abu Musa island
  Byline: By Khalid Malki, Gazette Staff source: saudi gazette length
  October 23, 1956 East Europe: Unrest Sweeps Satellites; Other Developments
  September 14, 1943 World News: Thompson Commands Irish Base; Other Developments
  Southern Africa: Rhodesian Troops Raid Mozambique, Kill 1,200; Other Developments
  A. north korea—Appointments-North-South relations-Foreign relations
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