userfiles/file/LIBRARY/14. Picpucien Studies
  " Études Picpuciennes" nº 5
userfiles/file/LIBRARY/12. Blessed Spanish Martyrs/Biographies
  1. ss. Cc. Religious of Spain whose Process of canonization has been introduced in Rome
userfiles/file/LIBRARY/05. History of the Congregation/5.3 Subsequent developments/Brion_Africa SSCC Project
  The Background to Project Africa ss. Cc. (1931-1994)
userfiles/file/LIBRARY/19. Secular Branch/sscc Laity
  The Secular Branch Com-Union 14 – June 2006 1 Editorial
userfiles/file/LIBRARY/18. SS.CC. Spirituality/01. Consecration to the SSCC
  We have believed in love
userfiles/file/LIBRARY/03. Good Mother/Articles and essays
  Gospel of the good mother
userfiles/file/LIBRARY/08. SS.CC. Initial Formation/IF Brs/02. Official documents of the Congregation/Transversal themes
  Individualism and life in common
userfiles/file/LIBRARY/06. General Chapters and EGC-CC/EGC 2009 (Brs)/Texts for reflection
  Apostolic Religious Life: a public, Ecclesial Vocation Sr Sara Butler msbt stonehill College, 27 September 2008
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