Liberal Theories of International Relations: a primer
  Nyt amid Tension, China Blocks Crucial Exports to Japan By keith bradsher published: September 22, 2010
  How China Sees America: The Sum of Beijing's Fears Nathan, Andrew J; Scobell, Andrew. Foreign Affairs
  The Game Changer: Coping With China's Foreign Policy Revolution
  Democratize or Die: Why China's Communists Face Reform or Revolution Huang, Yasheng. Foreign Affairs
  July/august 2011 Boston Review China’s Other Revolution Boston Review, pp. 12-26
  Dr. Thomas Lairson China’s Global Strategic Realignment
  The South China Sea Is the Future of Conflict
  McGregor The Party, 1-33
  Dw what will India's veto of wto deal cost global trade?
  Malaysia in graphics Economic Malays
  Washington Forbes Loren Thompson
  Business Day Chinese Textile Mills Are Now Hiring in Places Where Cotton Was King
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