Liberal Theories of International Relations: a primer
  Nyt amid Tension, China Blocks Crucial Exports to Japan By keith bradsher published: September 22, 2010
  How China Sees America: The Sum of Beijing's Fears Nathan, Andrew J; Scobell, Andrew. Foreign Affairs
  The Game Changer: Coping With China's Foreign Policy Revolution
  Democratize or Die: Why China's Communists Face Reform or Revolution Huang, Yasheng. Foreign Affairs
  July/august 2011 Boston Review China’s Other Revolution Boston Review, pp. 12-26
  Dr. Thomas Lairson China’s Global Strategic Realignment
  The South China Sea Is the Future of Conflict
  McGregor The Party, 1-33
  Japan's Surrender Decision and the Monarchy: Staying the Course in an Unwinnable War
  Dw what will India's veto of wto deal cost global trade?
  Malaysia in graphics Economic Malays
  The Political Power of Social Media: Technology, the Public Sphere, and Political Change
  The transistor: The most important invention of the 20th century?
  Chapter 5 Japan’s Postwar Political Economy
  Pol 334 Political Economy of Japan Dr. Lairson Japan Economy
  Washington Forbes Loren Thompson
  Sha 315 Chinese Business and Economic Development Economic Reform
  The Dangers of a Nuclear Iran: The Limits of Containment
  Jpri occasional Paper No. 22 (August 2001) Japanese "Capitalism" Revisited by Chalmers Johnson plan-rational and market-rational economies capitalist developmental state capitalist regulatory state
  Business Day Chinese Textile Mills Are Now Hiring in Places Where Cotton Was King
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