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  =1ac cards:=
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  There are many competing theories of race, gender, class
  Democrats will keep the Senate now—best statistical models
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  Aff must say what “US” and what “legalize nearly all” means—vote neg
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  The tube of
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  Off our interpretation is that the aff must defend the enactment of a topical plan This does not mandate any
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  Sudbury 8, Professor of Ethnic Studies
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  No veto proof majority for Iran sanctions now but it is within grasp. It’s a top priority for the gop and Obama’s lobbying is empirically critical to prevent it
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  Performance fails if it operates within grid of intelligible
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  By Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan
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  Speech docs neg v georgetown Regs (Adv 1)
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  1nc regulation Legalization is legal regulation
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  Alexander 10, Associate Professor of Law
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  Marijuana criminality is at the center of a system of racist social control-marijuana
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  Post-al class theories focus on “how” class structure is experienced in daily life
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  Resignification. The politics of such a ludic theory is that it blurs the lines between the powerful and powerless
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  Conditionality must be a reason to reject their team – their evasive survival tactics eliminates a necessary ethic of accountability to scholarship – [ ] their
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  Text: The United States should decriminalize physician assisted suicide in the United States
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  Obama’s using capital to persuade Congress to avoid sanctions but opponents are nearing a veto-proof majority
  Wilderson 2007
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  1ac chapter 1 – The Outbreak and Initial Responses
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  Bcc 2011-2012 Page of 1nc rd 5
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  Plan: The United States should legalize nearly all marihuana in the United States through conditional federal policy waivers
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  Advantage 1 is Regulations
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  Legalize” Must make an activity lawful doesnt allow discretion to prohibit
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