[67-1 ustc ¶9423], Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Petitioner V. Carl L. Danielson and Pauline S. Danielson, Respondents
  Riddell, district director of internal revenue
  [ cch dec. 33,499], fred maloof, petitioner V. Commissioner of internal revenue, respondent
  [76-2 ustc ¶9773], Estate of Charles T. Franklin, Deceased, Southern California First National Bank, Trust Department, Executor, and Margaret A. Franklin, Petitioners-Appellants V. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Respondent-Appellee
  [62-1 ustc ¶9494], Liant Record, Inc., William I. Alpert and Paula G. Alpert, Abraham Alpert and Sarah Alpert, Jack L. Alpert, Petitioners V. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Respondent
  Us-ct-app-9, [79-1 ustc ¶9142]
  Biedenharn realty company, inc
  Us-ct-claims, [79-1 ustc ¶9218]
  [79-2 ustc ¶9541], T. J. Starker, Appellant V. United States of America, Appellee
  [cch dec. 26,251], Albany Car Wheel Company, Inc V. Commissioner
  [ cch dec. 15,273], Leland Hazard V. Commissioner
  Us-ct-app-5, [67-2 ustc ¶9625]
  United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit commissioner of internal revenue, Petitioner, V
  United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit the citizen's national bank of waco, Trustee
  Us-sup-ct, [62-2 ustc ¶9509]
  Us-sup-ct, [92-1 ustc ¶50,113]
  United States Supreme Court arkansas best corporation, Petitioner V. Commissioner of internal revenue
  Us-sup-ct, [55-2 ustc ¶9746]
  Us-ct-app-9, [75-2 ustc ¶9732]
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