The Declaration is organized as a deductive argument--in this case, a deductive syllogism
  Ancient Greek Phalanx Combat Identify facts, lists, concepts, rules/propositions, and routines (e g., a procedure) to teach. How would you teach? Powerpoint? Students read portions? You read portions?
  Lessons on the Declaration of Independence As Part of a Unit on American Independence
  Definitions of Variables Martin Kozloff a definition is a statement that tells what a word a name
  Speech to the Third Army
  Planning your presentation
  The art of reasoning becomes of first importance
  Spartan Poetry and Memorials Use inductive reasoning: compare and contrast samples and identify common concepts and rules/principles regarding Make generalizations about how the Spartans define, valued, guided themselves by
  Assessment of Knowledge of Curriculum Big Ideas Martin Kozloff Copyright 2006 Task 1
  Making Sense of What You Read and Hear, and Making Sense When You Teach Martin Kozloff You need to know this, and you need to teach it to your students
  Effective Schooling Practices: a research Synthesis 1995 Update
  Vocabulary. Adapted from
  Exercises on Simple Declarative Statements Martin Kozloff Turn these into simple declarative statements. Find the subject and predicate. Remove all the blah blah noise, and then state the subject and predicate
  2. What Is Knowledge? Martin Kozloff 2012
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