History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism
juniorhigh/teachers/pauljeff/Civil War Causes/Dred Scott- 1857
  Dred Scott Court Case Notes (1857)
  Dred Scott- ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Dred Scott. I was sold into slavery in the year 1830. My master lived on a plantation in the slave state of Missouri. Soon after he bought me we moved to Rock Island, Illinois
juniorhigh/teachers/pauljeff/Chapter 9/Electoral College
  Electoral College Notes Electoral College- system by which we elect a President in the United States Popular Vote
juniorhigh/teachers/pauljeff/Chapter 9
  Creating a Nation” 50 Points- good Luck!
juniorhigh/teachers/pauljeff/Slavery Unit/Test and Review Materials
  Slavery Test Study Guide How Africans Became Slaves
juniorhigh/teachers/pauljeff/Chapter 14
  Was the United States Justified in Going to War with Mexico? Document A
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