Islam, Justice and the Abolition of Slavery
  Christianity and the transatlantic slave trade
  Considering Slavery Past and Present
  No more auction block for me
  Slaves as scapegoats
  Women and the family in China
  My Right, Your Right Whose Rights Are More Important?
  Is Religion a Source of Freedom or Slavery? Some Thoughts on Totalitarianism and Freedom of Religion or Belief Liam Gearon Introduction
  Rights, religion and poetry: expressing the spiritual Lat Blaylock
  Jewish identity and human rights
  Faith from Liverpool’s Past David Alton
  Humanity and Faith Kevin O’Grady
  Margaret Kissling, Missionary Teacher 1808-1891 Judith Preston Anderson
  The sweep of history and the uniqueness of present moments
  Dalits in hindu life
  Human Rights and the World Religions Joseph Runzo
  Natural Justice and Truth: a hindu Perspective
  The caste system and discrimination in the uk davinder Prasad with Satpal Muman
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