The Americas: a separate World, 40,000 B. C. A. D. 700 The Earliest Americans
  Ancient Rome and Early Christianity, 500 B. C.–A. D. 500 The Roman Republic Rome’s Geography
  Spain’s Empire and European Absolutism
  Spain Builds an American Empire
  Europe Faces Revolutions
  Chapter 2 Early River Valley Civilizations, 3500 B. C.–450 B. C. Geography of the Fertile Crescent
  The Rise of Islam Deserts, Towns, and Trade Routes
  Classical Greece, 2000 B. C. 300 B. C
  The Scientific Revolution
  Chapter 16 People and Empires in the Americas, 500–1500 North American Societies
  Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance
  Charlemagne Unites Germanic Kingdoms
  Church Reform and the Crusades
  The French Revolution Begins
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