Did the Cold War really start in the period 1919-39?
  The National Archives Learning Curve Exhibition: The Cold War Teacher Notes
  Describe the scenes which show the marines landing are they being opposed?
  Comprehension 1a Who are the Big Three in the cartoon and what is the job they have to do? 1b How does the cartoonist get across the scale of destruction caused by the war? 1c What does the cartoon suggest about the relationship between the Big
  Analysis and interpretation
  Big Question 3: Who caused the Cold War?
  Comprehension 1a What does this map tell you about communications links between West Berlin and the Western zones of Germany? Analysis and interpretation
  What does this map tell you about communications links between West Berlin and the Western zones of Germany?
  Comprehension 1a According to Winston Churchill, what would happen if the North of Russia was overrun by the Bolsheviks? 1b What did Churchill think had gone wrong since the Armistice? 1c Make a list of the actual advances the Bolsheviks had
  Did Churchill cause the Cold War?
  What sources will you choose from the case study on the Korean War and why?
  Big Question 1: Did the Cold War really start in the period 1919-39? What you need to do
  Comprehension 1a How can you tell from this extract that convoys were regular? 1b According to this extract, what goods were in short supply and what goods were not? 1c Explain the problem with regard to Hurricanes
  Comprehension 1a Look at the first paragraph. According to Truman, what actions have been taking place that the usa is unhappy about? Who is he criticising here? 1b Look at paragraphs 2 What is the choice facing the people of the world?
  What was the temperature of international relations at the time of the Potsdam Conference?
  Analysis and interpretation
  Comprehension 1a What does the report mean by the Soviet physical presence? 1b Why has this presence made the West impotent? 1c List all the Soviet actions mentioned in this source. 1d List all the West’s actions mentioned in this source
  Big Question How did the Cold War work?
  Big Question 2: How strong was the wartime friendship between Britain, the usa and the ussr 1941-45? What you have to do
  Comprehension 1a Summarise the main ways in which an h bomb caused devastation. 1b What were the main differences between the effects of a ground burst and an air burst? 1c Explain how the weather could affect the results of a nuclear
  Analysis and interpretation
  Analysis and interpretation
  Was the wartime alliance between Britain, the usa and ussr as strong as the media said it was?
  Case Study 1: Allies at war- what the public saw
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  The Big Question How close did the world come to nuclear war in the 1950s and 1960s and how much did ordinary people know about it? The situation
  Big Question 6: ‘The Vietnam was showed the usa it would have to learn to live with Communism.’ Do you agree with this statement?
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