bin/download/Michigan/Pappas-Allen Neg
  Semis neg v northwestern mv 1nc
download/Michigan/Batra-Jacome Neg
  In this paper
download/Michigan/Coyle-Keller Neg
  The interest convergence framework is offense against their movements claims at all levels of analysis—the Black Panthers proves. Delgado ’02
download/Michigan/Henderson-Liu Neg
  Interpretation – Financial incentives must be positively linked to rewards – they cannot be negative Harris, 89
bin/download/Michigan/Pappas-Allen Neg
  R8 neg v michigan state cz 1nc
bin/download/Michigan/MeyersLevy-Krakoff Neg
  Doubles—Neg vs Wake lw 1NC
  Round 1—Neg vs nyu gz 1NC
bin/download/Michigan/Chappell-Payne Neg
  Indefinite detention means holding enemy combatants until the cessation of hostilities – authority for it is codified in the ndaa
  Round 2 v. Wake 1nc
download/Michigan/Deming-Hirn Aff
  Global nuclear expansion now – dozens of countries
bin/download/Michigan/Krakoff-Hirn Neg
  But let me explain about the facts. First, notice, that
bin/download/Michigan/Colella-Hirn Aff
  Advantage one is Drone Wars Constraints influence global drone practices – the impact is global war
download/Michigan/Deming-Hirn Aff
  Round 2 – Aff V msu hr 1ac
download/Michigan/Colella-Mills Neg
  Interpretation: energy production is not exploration and drilling gdf suez, no date
bin/download/Michigan/Pappas-Allen Aff
  Advantage 1: Terrorism! Wmd terrorism is feasible and dangerous
bin/download/Michigan/Pappas-Allen Neg
  R2 neg v rutgers-newark rs 1nc
download/Michigan/Henderson-Liu Aff
  Not with a Bang but a Whimper
download/Michigan/Allen-Pappas Neg
  Michigan ap – nu 2013 r1 neg v concordia nw
bin/download/Michigan/Krakoff-Hirn Neg
  The traumatic pain
download/Michigan/Colella-Morgan Neg
  2nc james card
  Fiscal incentives are distinct—the aff encourages capital movement, but isn’t a direct financial incentive
bin/download/Michigan/MeyersLevy-Krakoff Neg
  Round 2—Neg vs Houston jj 1NC
bin/download/Michigan/Krakoff-Hirn Neg
  1nc anthropocene
bin/download/Michigan/Jacome-Batra Aff
  Factory Farming: a life of Animal Abuse
  The lives of animals on factory farms
bin/download/Michigan/MeyersLevy-Jacome Neg
  Round 6—Neg vs Fullerton bs 1NC
download/Michigan/Hosford-Meyers-Levy Neg
  The aff ignores the prior question of Native American colonization we are colonial occupiers of stolen land
download/Michigan/Allen-Pappas Neg
  Michigan ap wake forest 2012 neg speeches round 2 neg v george washington bs 1nc Off
  Speech docs – michigan ap – ndt 2013 r1 neg v louisville vw
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