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  Read the passage from Chapter 2 of Lord of t/he Flies
  Document 1 (page 30)
  Related Issues 3 Name
  Name: Social Chapter 3 task to accompany your iMovie book trailer
  Social Studies 20
  Social Studies 30-1 Name
  Chapter 6 The usa breaks Away True/False
  Important Dates
  What was the Middle Ages?
  Social Studies 30-1 Name: Perspectives on Ideology
  Social 20-1 Course Outline
  Chapter 4: the fur trade brought the Europeans and the First Nations together in harmony and sometimes in conflict. The Fur trade also brought about competition. Many developments in North America happened due to this competition
  Social Studies 8 Chapter 5 Worksheet name class Date Total /20 Use your textbook (pages 164-188) to answer the following: Completion
  Social 7 Chapter 3 Study Guide True/False
  S who in new france a: the sovereign council
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  Year 8 Reconstructing Trench Life Swanmore College homework instruction sheet
  European Population (include year and population)
  Grade 8 Chapter 5 Name:­­­­­­­­­­­­ Meiji Japan Read pg. 164-167
  Two Views on the Importance of Remembering History
  Name chapter 7 Class Date Make a timeline that shows the histories of both the aztec and the spanish. Highlight the events that involved contact with other societies
  Defn: Cold war is war of
  Social 7 Chapter 3 Study Guide True/False
  Social 7 Chapter 6 Study Guide True/False
  How Contact with the Moors Shaped Spain’s Worldview
  How the renaissance changed the social and economic systems in europe
  Culture and the spanish worldview
  Social 7 Chapter 5 Study Guide True/False
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