The Age of Absolutism: England vs. France Definition of Constitutionalism
  I am the State!
  Discuss and analyze the various views of the function and role of an absolutist government in the years 1500-1700
  Fascism in Nazi Germany Documents Extra Credit Document 1
  Assignment #4: The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
  Remember: the Dutch Republic was an exception in the 16th and 17th centuries
  Setting the stage: background to the renaissance
  Russian Revolution Socratic Seminar
  World History – Greenberg Assignment #5: Differing Perspectives on British Imperialism in India
  Is Total War Justified? The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb
  Foreign Aid, Espionage, Alliances, Propaganda, Brinkmanship, and “Proxy” Wars
  Enlightened Europe
  And geographic diversity/human-environment interaction
  Foundations – Unit 1 Study Guide
  Intellectual Revolutions – Unit 2 Study Guide Multiple Choice Test block october 8-9 In-Class Essay Friday October 10th
  18th Century History: Economic Change
  Unification Comic You and a partner will be assigned Italy or Germany
  An Enlightened Salon
  Fascism Case Study: Mussolini and Hitler
  I am the State!
  The Haitian Revolution (1791 – 1804)
  Assignment #2: Causes of the French Revolution Part 1: Origins of the French Revolution: French Estates
  Germany on Trial
  The Big Thaw – The Cold War Ends video notes
  New Patterns of Renaissance Thought: Secularism, Humanism & Individualism
  Renaissance Introduction – Assignment #2
  Rise of the -isms
  Isms mini debate
  Assignment #2: Causes of wwi notes
  Understanding the Motives for Imperialism/ ap european History Name
  The French Revolution Liberty, Equality and Fraternity? Guiding Questions: Themes of the Unit
  1. The First Estate: The Clergy
  Isms in Conflict
  Jose de San Martin and South American Independence
  The ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, socialism, Marxism, and nationalism were a
  The Age of Anxiety and the Rise of Dictatorships
  Ap european History Review Sheet (2nd semester) Finish by Friday 5/8 (will be stamped) Collected Monday 5/11
  Totalitarian Personalities…Benito Mussolini
  Assignment #7: The Cold War and the Nuclear Arms Race
  Role of Propaganda: Pages 1-5
  Directons I
  Persuasive Speeches – Was the French Revolution Success or a Failure?
  Militarism, extreme nationalism and aggressive expansionism
  The Rise of Democratic Ideals
  New Patterns of Renaissance Thought: Secularism and Humanism
  Ap european History French Revolution dbq prompt
  Assignment #3: a revolution in religion the protestant reformation
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