cms/lib09/DE01922744/Centricity/domain/66/grade 5
  Delaware Recommended Curriculum
cms/lib09/DE01922744/Centricity/domain/66/grade 4
  Delaware Recommended Curriculum
  Fdr’s Bank Holiday Speech March 12, 1933
cms/lib09/DE01922744/Centricity/domain/66/grade 8
  Unit Title: Interpreting the Past – The Case of the “Bloody Massacre” Designed by: Fran O’Malley Director, Delaware Social Studies Education Project
  Understanding the Economics Standards for teachers in grades 9–12
  New due process hearing requirements
cms/lib09/DE01922744/Centricity/domain/66/performance tasks
  How Does History Explain Why Germany Changed the Structure of Its Government? A classroom Activity and Explanatory Performance Task Grade 9 Civics
  Was John D. Rockefeller a Hero or a Villain? A classroom Activity and Argumentative Performance Task for 11th
  1920s boom time high School Instructional Performance Task Module
cms/lib09/DE01922744/Centricity/domain/66/grade 8
  Delaware Recommended Curriculum Close Reading Lesson Title: The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence
  Delaware Recommended Curriculum
  History organizes events and phenomena in terms of
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