Post-Classical Situation Report
  First Six Weeks Exam Version A
  Test Number: (Write this number on your scantron) Block:
  Document-based question
  Civilization Fact Report: Ancient Mesopotamia
  Roman Emperors The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy The Five Good Emperors Nerva
  Fall of Rome the military's role in the Beginning of the End of Rome
  Africa during the Colonial Expansion West African forest kingdoms
  The chronology of ancient and classical chinese civilization
  Part 1: the rise of agriculture and agricultural civilizations summary
  The Rise and Fall of Rome (Lecture Notes) Summary Review: The Roman Empire The homeland of the Romans had poor soil, no metals, and no outlet to the sea. Their society was organized for war and victory was a supreme cultural value
  Amicus Brief Decline in Morals and Political Corruption v. Legacy of Roman Government
  Compare and contrast essay
  Compare and Contrast Essay Questions
  Previous experience
  Two Different Approaches: The Iberians and the English/French
  1. Byzantines a. Following 2nd Crusade, slow decline
  Revolution Notes What are the four types of Revolutions?
  Prologue pages XXVII – XXX section review
  The 2nd era of imperialism industrialization and imperialism
  Unit Six Key Terms: Take notes on these major topics and you should do fine on the exam. The exam will be open note
  Unit 5, Chapter 16 Reading Guide: The Industrial Revolution
  Hammurabi Discussion Questions
  Medieval Warfare, Weapons and Tactics
  The Rise and Fall of the Persian Empires
  Chapter 1 Cities and Civilization: Author Kevin Reilly
  Dbq topics 1980 to present
  Transformation of Europe: 1450 1750: Era of Revolutions I. Renaissance
  Who had dominated China for centuries?
  Marco Polo Seminar Questions Directions: Answer all of the questions on a separate piece of paper
  Empire – Group of states or territories controlled by one ruler. Monotheism – Belief in one god. Civil law
  Timed document analysis form
  A brief history of the samurai
  Sui Tang Song Lecture Notes I. Slide Two- after the Fall of the Han
  Pre-Islamic Arabia
  Team Members: Block
  Unit two exam: classical era 2011 :: Exam #
  Document-based question
  1. Catal Hayuk and Jericho
  Who originally colonized Haiti?
  Amicus Brief Misuse of Slave Labor v. Necessity of Slave Labor Reason why the Roman Empire fell Slave Labor
  Classical Civilizations Empire – Group of states or territories controlled by one ruler. Civil law
  Portugal: Political Organization of Colonial Empire
  Background Profile: The Invaders
  European Exploration Effects of the Renaissance Exploration
  Document-based question
  Ancient Roman Economy: Background Research
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