Michael Jackson The History of the American Democracy
  U. S. History of Colonialism and the New Imperialism Joel Coburn (suid 4880712) Janani Ravi
  The American Media’s Portrayal of Foreign Events And Its Impact on Foreign Policy
  Workshop: Wed, 11 am
  Ethics and Development in a Global Environment
  Zack Hensley edge final Paper
  Venezuela—a country Divided: The Role of President Hugo Chavez Introduction
  Lizzie Suiter, Jennifer Hucke and Courtney Schultz edge final Paper December 2004 The War at Home
  Table of Contents Introduction 2 The Just War Theory 2 America and the Vietnam War 6 Analysis of America’s Involvement in the Vietnam War 22 Works Cited 27 Introduction
  Crisis in Darfur: a framework for Assessing the Possibility of us intervention Sohan Japa edge dr. Bruce Lusignan Introduction
  Us involvement in world politics: Venezuela and Afghanistan Introduction
  Radio Propaganda during World War II
  Afghanistan a second Chance to Transform a Nation
  U. S. and Global Media Perspectives on Afghanistan
  Africa, a Continent in Crisis: The Economic and Social Implications of Civil War and Unrest Among African Nations Gerbian King and Vanessa Lawrence June, 2005
  Engr 297a American and the Vietnam War
  Ethical Development in a Global Environment
  The Chronicle of Space Exploration The Past, The Present, and The Future
  Gustav Rydstedt Stanford University
  Joyce H. Sohn The events of September 11
  American Foreign Policy in a Unipolar World Robert Edgar
  Effects of the Rwanda Genocide Introduction
  Ethics of Development in a Global Environment Professor Lusignan
  The History and Social Consequences of a Nationalized Oil Industry
  Arab Israeli Conflict: Perspectives from Palestine
  The Construction of the Security Wall in Israel-Palestine
  Brazil World Trade
  Dropping the Atomic bomb on Japan
  Media Biases in Post 9/11 America: The Effect on Presidential Popularity
  America’s Useless Attack on Colombia: Plan Colombia and Why It Is Dangerous
  Factual Investigation of Media Criticism of the Bush Administration in Iraq and the War on Terror
  A history of Zionism and the Jewish People in the Soviet Union
  Us policy Failure: Unilateralism in a Global Environment
  Child Soldiers in Liberia: History, Horror, and Hope
  Sheila Joglekar edge final Paper Autumn 2004 Propaganda in World War II – Britain and Germany Introduction
  British Imperialism and the Crisis in the Sudan
  Nato’s Cold War Policies
  The Implications of Capitalism for Media: How Democracy Suffers Introduction
  The Catholic Church in Chile: Examining the link between religion, politics and culture
  The Role of Media on Middle Eastern Conflicts Bradley Aaronson
  The U. S. Military, Political, and Economic Occupations of Panama
  The Multi-Revolutions of China The Social and Economic Upheavals of Maoist and Post-Maoist China By Jeff Sun & Dan Tran Engineering 297A: Ethics of Development in a Global Environment
  Colonial Background of the Rwanda Genocide
  The Common Origins of the World’s Major Religions
  The United States Positioning as a World Superpower
  Colombia’s Struggle: Implications of Civil War on Regional and Domestic Policy
  Ethics of Development in a Global Environment
  Nigeria’s Religious and Cultural Conflict
  The Congo: From Leopold to Lumumba
  The China-Taiwan Conflict: Ethics vs. Economics
  Note: It is not my contention that the nations of the European Union have not-to this point- been able to cooperate on some level in order to effect beneficial changes and legislation. As stated in
  Religious, Social, and Cultural Theories on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  Edge winter Quarter Israeli-Palestine: The Conflict
  Katrina A. Redfern December 6, 2004
  History of the World Ethic of Development in the Global Environment
  Bush, Blair and Iraq
  Preventing the export of conflict diamonds in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  Edge: Prof Lusignan
  The Effects of Coca Eradication in Colombia Julian Pena Ethics for Development in a Global Environment Professor Bruce Lusignan March 11, 2004
  By Tony Hong Autumn, 2004
  The Propaganda of Imperialism Introduction
  North Korea: Extreme Human Rights Abuses
  Stanford Student Activism Against the Vietnam War: a vehicle for Change?
  Coup d’etats in Africa: The Emergence, Prevalence and Eradication
  George W. Bush by Matt Haryasz
  America’s War on Drugs vs. Legalization Kelley Suminski
  Table of Contents Chapter pages
  Brazil as a Major International Agricultural Player of Soybeans Ronald Ho
  Manifestations of Ethnic Prejudices Derived from the Japanese Occupation of Korea and Taiwan
  The Last African Colony Table of Contents Introduction (p. 1)
  Katherine Hoffman December 3, 2004 engr 297a introduction
  The India Pakistan Conflict and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
  Engr. 297A prof. Bruce P. Lusignan
  Recent Political and Social Dynamics Influencing North Korea and Its Policies
  Patriotism and the War on Iraq By Abigail McDaniel
  Islamic Fundamentalism and the United States’ Reaction
  Mending the Transatlantic Rift
  Emmanuel Awofadeju Prejudice and Poverty
  United Nations Security Council Reform Michael Teng
  The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Situational Awareness and a Proposed us response The Nuclear Crisis of 1993
  Jessica Gray and Danielle Murray June 5, 2003
  Military Intervention: The United States and The United Nations
  Shannon Broderick June 2, 2005
  History of the Conflict In Sudan and the Role of the United Nations By Jamaal K. Adams
  Afghanistan: a country in Crisis, Nation Building in Action
  Media Representation of the Iraqui Conflict
  Germany’s Inclusion as a Permanent Member of the un security Council
  The New World Order: The Growing Paradigm of U. S. Imperialism
  Terror and Drugs: Repercussions American Citizens Face Daily
  Nigeria: Religion-Cause of Interethnic Violence
  Abayomi Fashoro and Gerard Johnson
  Organized Crime in Iraq By: Jason Goff Jennifer Wilson edge/Spring2004 Prof. Lusginan June 2, 2004 The Arming of Iraq: Legalized Crime?
  Effects of War on Societal perception of foreigners with in the United States
  Examining Bias and Distortion in Mass Media in America
  The effect of the israeli occupation on the palestinian people
  Edge fall Quarter 2003
  Anti-United States Sentiment in England Prepared for Bruce Lusignan By: Blake Holler
  What Exactly is a pow nowadays?
  Daisy Ramirez Ethics of Development in the Global Environment
  Saudi Arabia
  War Profiteering in Iraq
  Payback! Atoning for Slavery
  The Space Race: The U. S – Soviet/ Russian Relationship in Regards to Space Exploration
  A report on the Zapatista uprising, the political and economic situation in Mexico that led to its occurrence, and the continued fight for indigenous rights
  North Korea and Iran: Nuclear Tension edge: War and Peace Fall 2003 For Dr. Bruce Lusignen By Luis Vendrell Introduction
  Propaganda and the Information Revolution: The Effect of Communications Technology
  Visions of America in the Holy Land: a look at How the Past Continues to Shape Present Perceptions
  Palestinian Christians: The Unknown Victims
  The Colombian Drug Trade: a greater Threat Than Believed Cristy Aragon edge- prejudice and Poverty Spring 2005 The Colombian Drug Trade: a greater Threat Than Believed
  Oil Exposing the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, U. S. foreign policy, and the poverty currently occurring within Saudi Arabia Garrett Johnston May 31st, 2004 edge senior Preface
  Setting a Poor Example
  The Real Crux of Sino-Tibetan Relations
  Jeremy Marcus
  Subjective News Media in the Context of the Rwandan Genocide
  Misuse and Misrepresentation of the Teachings of Christ: a behavioral Pattern of Christian Leaders Kyle Matter June 2, 2004
  The Pit Falls of the War on Drug
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