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  United States History to 1877Ernst PijningDepartment of HistoryMinot State UniversitySpring 2009
  Greek athelte
  Ancient Mesopotamia
  Religion, Death and Burial strict adherence
  Socio-economic justice and poverty: An Islamic perspective based on Imam Ali’s teachings in Nahj al-Balagha
  Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture
  The Great Gatsby Society and Class Quotes
  Ancient Rome Study Guide Beginning of Rome and Punic wars
Grade12Courses/CCN/2. Egypt
  Ancient Egypt Notes: The Middle Kingdom Ancient Egypt: The Middle Kingdom
videos/NCATE/BSE Social Science/Social Science Syllabi
  United States History to 1877 Ernst Pijning Department of History Minot State University Spring 2009 El chiste y su relacion con lo inconsciente - Freud.docx
  Resumen El chiste y su relacion con lo inconsciente, Freud, Resúmenes de Sociología Egyptian Hisstory Slides W2_compressed.201271089.pdf
  Ancient Egyptians Week 2 ­ Pyramids Slides notebook 1 May 13, 2020 SCIENCE.docx
  Environmental science
  Ancient Egypt – Answer Key
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