Globalization: a russian Perspective
  Preserving Influence in a Changing World: Russia’s Grand Strategy
  U. S. Russia Relations in the Post-Western World
  Russian Theory of International Relations
  The Frustrating Partnership: Honor, Status, and Emotions in Russia’s Discourses of the West
  Russia in the Post-Western World: the End of Normalization Paradigm?
  Moscow’s Soft Power Strategy
  The Securitization of Democracy: Freedom House Ratings of Russia
  Self and Other in International Relations Theory: Learning from Russian Civilizational Debates
  Us and Russia: Post-Election Security Challenges
  National Ideology and ir theory: Three Incarnations of the "Russian Idea"
  Russia’s International Assertiveness: What Does It Mean for the West?
  The Russia-nato mistrust: Ethnophobia and the Double Expansion to Contain “the Russian Bear”
  Authoritarian at Heart and Expansionist by Habit
  Russia’s Interests and Objectives in East Asia
  Russia’s Afghanistan Debate: Managing Fear of and in the West
  Russia in Global Governance: Multipolarity or Multilateralism?
  Foreign policy and the u. S. Russia relations
  Us-russia Relations in the Post-Western World By Andrei P. Tsygankov1 Abstract
  Vladimir Putin’s Last Stand: The Sources of Russia’s Ukraine Policy
  Duelling Honors: Power, Identity and the Russia-Georgia Divide
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