Teaching_American_History/cohort2_seminar_lessons/06-September 15, 2012/Suffragette Booklets
  Mr. President how long must women wait to get their liberty? Let us have the rights we deserve
Teaching_American_History/cohort2_seminar_lessons/12-September 17, 2013-Constitution Materials
  Passage from us constitution
Teaching_American_History/cohort2_lesson_bank/10-Elementary Lessons
  Teacher: Lisa Mello, Beverly Grotts, Leticia Citizen, Ana Tejada, Yolanda Munoz, Tamyke Edwards subject: The Black Panthers, 1960s title of lesson: One Crazy Summer and the Real Black Panthers standard
Teaching_American_History/cohort2_seminar_lessons/06-September 15, 2012/Karin Huebner
  Karin Huebner Women’s Organizing
Teaching_American_History/cohort2_seminar_lessons/05-February 25, 2012
  Written Document Analysis Worksheet
Teaching_American_History/cohort2_lesson_bank/04-February Lessons
  Teaching american history 3 lesson plan
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