Directions: You will soon be writing a persuasive essay about a strange and unusual mystery. Please follow the below instructions

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Mysteries of the World Persuasive Essay

DIRECTIONS: You will soon be writing a persuasive essay about a strange and unusual mystery. Please follow the below instructions in order to find out more.

  1. Visit the following four links and read the articles posted on each site.





  1. After you have read the above articles, choose one of the below topics to use for your persuasive argument. (I have separated each article into topics that are for or against.)

    1. The Bermuda Triangle is a supernatural area.

    2. The Bermuda Triangle is NOT a supernatural area.

    1. The Loch Ness Monster is real.

    2. The Loch Ness Monster is NOT real.

    1. There is treasure buried in Oak Island.

    2. There is NOT treasure buried in Oak Island.

    1. The Nazca Lines were built by or for aliens.

    2. The Nazca Lines were NOT built by or for aliens.

  1. Now that you have chosen a topic, please begin your research. Read additional articles about your subject, and look for ideas that you can use for sub-topics. Remember—you’re trying to find facts to prove your point. Use the following links to help you, but DO NOT TAKE NOTES YET.

The Bermuda Triangle: (Against) (For)

Loch Ness Monster (Against) (For) (Either)

Oak Island (Either) (For)

The Nazca Lines (Against) (Either)

  1. Now that you’ve read up on your subject, come up with THREE sub-topics that will prove your point. Remember, they should be larger ideas—not small details—and they should prove why you believe what you do. Here are some tips to consider:

    1. Your sub-topics should all be very different from each other. In other words, no two sub-topics should be similar.

    1. Each sub-topic needs to be “large” enough that you can use at least three details to prove it.

    1. Your sub-topics should be interesting and persuasive.

  1. After coming up with three good sub-topics, begin looking for details to prove them. (This is when you start taking notes.) Whenever you find a detail that explains why your sub-topic is correct or “right”, write it down on paper. Try to come up with 3 to 5 details per sub-topic.

  1. Now that you have all your sub-topics and details, begin typing your paper. Please do this in the following order:

    1. Write your introduction. Make sure your beginning hook your readers by using some of the skills we learned in class. USE YOUR NOTES TO HELP YOU.

    1. Write your body paragraphs—your sub-topics and details. Make sure to:

      1. Use transition words (first, next, in addition, etc.) between paragraphs and between sentences.

      2. Vary your sentence length and structure SIGNIFICANTLY.

      3. Explain each fact/detail completely. This often means that you’ll need to write one or two sentences PER DETAIL.

    1. Write your conclusion. Re-state what you’re trying to persuade—along with any major sub-topics you brought up—and end with a bang.

  1. Spell Check your work and then save it to your network folder AND jump drive.

  1. Print out your work and put it in your portfolio binder.

  1. Re-read your persuasive essay and edit for the following on your own:

    1. Make sure each sub-topic is as clear as possible.

    2. Make sure each sub-topic is extremely persuasive.

    3. Make sure you varied your sentence structure significantly.

    4. Make sure you varied your sentence length significantly by using commas, advanced verbs, clauses, and phrases.

    5. Make sure you’ve used transition words in the appropriate spots.

    6. Make sure you paragraphed and indented correctly.

    7. Make sure the essay, as a whole, is persuasive. In other words, would people agree with you after reading your work?

  1. Begin going through the portfolio checklist process for this assignment. In other words, begin self-editing, peer conferences, parent conferences, parent conferences, revising, etc.

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