Directions: Use your notes and previous worksheets to answer the questions to prepare for the test

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Name _______________________ Industrialization (Unit 5) Study Guide

Directions: Use your notes and previous worksheets to answer the questions to prepare for the test.

1. What were two inventions/innovations from the Agricultural Revolution and what did they do?

2. How did the Agricultural Revolution impact society? (main effects)

3. What are the “7 factors” that countries need to industrialize?

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2. –

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4. What is an example of a country that is currently industrializing today?

5. What are the “push” and “pull” factors of why immigrants move to cities and industrialized countries?

Push Factors

Pull Factors

6. What kinds of entertainment could be found in the cities?

7. What does “Social Darwinism” mean?

8. Name two major inventions/innovations from the Industrial Revolution and describe what each did.



9. How did the production of goods and jobs change during the Industrial Revolution?

10. Why were early factories built near rivers?

11. What was the book The Jungle about?

12. Why did factories and some families allow child labor?

13. What is a tenement?

14. What was life like for most immigrants when they arrived in industrialized countries?

15. What urban (city) planning issues happened as cities and populations expanded?

16. How did some governments respond to the negatives of industrialization?

17. How did workers responds to the negatives of industrialization?

18. Why are strikes no always successful for the workers?

19. What are the main ideas behind Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism?




20. Who is the “father” of Capitalism and who is the “father” of Socialism/Communism? What were their books?

20. What does laissez-faire mean?

21. Why is Capitalism better than Socialism/Communism?

22. Which group emerges in the cities during the Industrial Revolution? – circle one

A. Nobles B. Peasants C. Working Class D. Merchants
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