Directions to Ohmsett from jfk airport, New York

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Directions to Ohmsett from

JFK Airport, New York
Total distance: 60.6 mi

Estimated time: 1 Hour, 16 Minutes

Take Ramp (LEFT) onto JFK Expressway towards Airport Exit / Other Terminals (1.4 mi)
Keep RIGHT onto Ramp towards I-678 / Rockaway Blvd. East / Belt Parkway West / Van Wyck Expressway (0.2 mi)
Take Ramp (LEFT) onto Nassau Expressway towards I-678 / Belt Parkway West /

Van Wyck Expressway (0.6 mi)

Bear LEFT (West) onto Ramp towards RT-27 / Belt Parkway West / North Conduit Ave. / Kennedy Airport (0.1 mi)
Take Ramp (LEFT) onto Belt Parkway [POW/MIA Memorial Hwy.] towards Belt Parkway West / Verrazano Bridge (16.5 mi)

At Exit 3, keep RIGHT onto Ramp towards I-278 / Verrazano Bridge / Staten Island (0.7 mi)

Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-278 [Verrazano-Narrows Bridge] towards Upper Level (10.5 mi)

Entering New Jersey: Turn LEFT onto Ramp towards I-95 / NJ Turnpike (0.6 mi)

Keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp towards I-95 / Turnpike South (0.2 mi)
Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp towards Cars Only (0.4 mi)
*Toll road* Merge onto I-95 [New Jersey Turnpike Cars Only Lane] (7.1 mi)

At Exit 11, turn RIGHT onto Ramp towards US-9 / Garden State Parkway / Woodbridge (0.9 mi)

*Toll road* Keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp (0.3 mi)

*Toll road* Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp towards US-1 / US-9 / RT-440 / Garden State Parkway South / Woodbridge / The Amboys (0.3 mi)

*Toll road* Take Ramp (LEFT) onto Garden State Parkway towards Garden State Parkway (2.1 mi)
*Toll road* Road name changes to Alfred E. Driscoll Bridge [Driscoll Bridge] (0.4 mi)
*Toll road* Road name changes to Garden State Pkwy (1.8 mi)

*Toll road* Keep LEFT onto Garden State Parkway Express Lane towards Express / Exits 117, 105 / Asbury Park / South Jersey (6.6 mi)

At Exit 117, keep RIGHT onto Ramp towards RT-36 / RT-35 / Keyport / Hazlet (0.6 mi).

Merge onto SR-36 South towards RT-36 / Keyport / Keansburg / Sandy Hook (7.9 mi)

Continue on RT-36 South for (8-9 mi). Take the jughandle/U-turn exit for NWS Earle Waterfront by the traffic light and go across the highway. This is the Main Entrance for NWS Earle Waterfront.

You're first day here; you must park your vehicle and go into the Pass & ID office. If you are a U.S. citizen, you must provide a valid birth certificate or passport. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must provide a valid passport. Government personnel and vehicles should be able to proceed directly to the facility. If you are in a private vehicle, you must provide a valid driver’s license, registration, and vehicle insurance identification at the Pass and ID office. If in a rented car, show the auto rental agreement.

After vehicle inspection (first day only) in the high bay, and subsequent inspection at the second small guardhouse, you will be instructed to wait for an escort or drive ahead. If waved on, go to the first stop sign and turn right. Continue straight to the next stop sign and turn left (follow signs to the Ohmsett Facility). Continue on this road out toward the bay, keeping parallel with the railroad tracks on your right. Just after the tracks (but before the pier guardhouse), turn right onto a gravel road, cross railroad yard, go thru the gates, and turn right into the Ohmsett facility parking lot.

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