Directions: Read the handout thoroughly, using a yellow

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DIFFERENT COLORED highlighter to highlight the portion of the text that answers each of questions below, marking the text with the question number. If you already highlighted the text that answers a question in yellow, just write the question number in the margin next to it (you do not need to highlight it again in the other color).

1. Why was the Battle of Saratoga an important victory for the Patriots?
2. Why did some American soldiers decide to desert during the winter of 1777–1778?
3. Why would foreign-born people come to help the Patriots in their fight for freedom?
4. How did Lafayette help the Patriot cause?
5. What help did the Patriots receive from Spain?
6. Who were two of the people mentioned in the text from other nations who helped the United States gain freedom? What did each contribute?
7. What were two groups of people who sought greater freedom as a result of the Revolution?
8. How were Loyalists treated by the Patriots during
the war?

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