Directions: For this exercise, you will be looking at three different sets of Wonders of the World: The Ancient Wonders, the Modern Wonders, and the New 7 Wonders. As you go along

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4) Christ the Redeemer: In what country was this statue built, and on which mountain? Why was it built? This statue was built in Brazil on the Corcovado Mountain. It was built to symbolize the Brazilians dedication to Catholicism (both answers in external link).
5) Machu Picchu: How many square miles is the hidden city? Why did the Incan’s build this magnificent city? Machu Picchu is 5 square miles, and was built by the Incan’s as a sacred place (both answers are in the first paragraph on the external link).
6) Chichen Itza: Why did the Mayans build the Kukulkan Pyramid? How tall is it?

They built it as a place of worship (in pin). This structure is 24 meters high (external link).

7) The Colosseum: What is another name for this structure? (HINT: Look at the other pins in this folder) How many people could it hold, and how many entrances/exits does it have? (HINT: Scroll down past the pictures on the web-page included) Another name for this structure is the Flavian Amphitheater (in “Rome Reborn” pin, below the existing pin). The Coloseum could hold 50,000 people (in pin and external link), and had 80 entrances (in external link).

QUESTIONS: Short Answer
1) From the information given in the Colossus of Rhodes placemark and extra website, what can you infer about who the god Helios was (what do you think he represents as a god)? Sun God.
2) Which building is taller: the Empire State Building or the CN Tower? By how many feet? By how many meters? The CN Tower: 553.33 meters, 1,815 feet. The Empire State Building: 443 meters, 1,454 feet. Therefore, the CN Tower is taller.
3) One man swam the Panama Canal for a toll of 36 cents. Would you? Why or why not?
4) Have you ever been to any Wonders of the World? Which ones? If you haven’t been to any (or have and want to visit more), which ones would you visit, and why?
5) What continent(s) do(es) not have a Wonder of the World? Why do you think this is so? Use the available Layers in Google Earth to identify a structure for each continent missing one. Australia and Antarctica
6) What ancient and/or modern structure in the world would you make a Wonder of the World, and why? Would you make up your own building or statue?
7) Below, draw a building or statue you would establish as a World Wonder. Be creative!

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