Directions: For this exercise, you will be looking at three different sets of Wonders of the World: The Ancient Wonders, the Modern Wonders, and the New 7 Wonders. As you go along

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1) The Taj Mahal: How many rupees is a US dollar? 45.6 Rupees (use Google search).
2) The Great Wall of China: Who built the wall? What is the function of the wall in present day? The ancient Chinese laboring people (ie the common people, soldiers, farmers, and slaves) built the wall. In the present day, the wall is open for the public (both answers in external link).
3) Petra: What is a monastery? What kind of rock was the ancient city carved from? A monastery is a place of residence occupied by a group of people who are living under religious vows, most commonly monks (dictionary/ or Google search). The rock is called “live” rock (in pin).

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