Directions: For this exercise, you will be looking at three different sets of Wonders of the World: The Ancient Wonders, the Modern Wonders, and the New 7 Wonders. As you go along

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6) Delta Works: What is the Rijkswaterstaat? What is the significance of the Delta Works system? The Rijkswaterstaat is the Department of Public Works in the Netherlands (in pin). The Delta Works system was made to prevent excessive flooding into the small islands (in pin, but also in external link).
7) The Panama Canal: How long is the canal, and how long does it take to navigate the entire canal? (HINT: Click on the second tab, “physical characteristics”) Which two oceans does the canal connect? The Canal is 50 miles long, and it takes 8-10 hours to navigate (in pin, or in external link under the “physical characteristics” tab). The Canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (in pin).

QUESTIONS: The New 7 Wonders

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