Directions: For this exercise, you will be looking at three different sets of Wonders of the World: The Ancient Wonders, the Modern Wonders, and the New 7 Wonders. As you go along

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1) The Channel Tunnel: What two countries does the channel connect? How far below the sea bed does the tunnel exist? The tunnel connects France and England (video, between :08 and :14), and goes 150 feet below the sea bed (video, between :40 and :45)
2) The CN Tower: The building is 553.33 meters tall. How many feet is 553.33 meters? About 1, 815 feet tall (use Google conversions, or just type in Google search bar).
3) The Empire State Building: During what years was the Great Depression? How many steps and how many windows does this building have? The Great Depression was from 1929-1939 (Google search). The building has 1,860 steps and 6,500 windows (external link).

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