Directions: For this exercise, you will be looking at three different sets of Wonders of the World: The Ancient Wonders, the Modern Wonders, and the New 7 Wonders. As you go along

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1)The Lighthouse of Alexandria: In what country is the lighthouse? How was the lighthouse destroyed? The lighthouse is in Egypt, and it was destroyed by an earthquake (answer found in pin).
2) The Temple of Zeus: How tall is Zeus, and what materials was he made from? 40 feet high, and made of gold, ebony, and ivory. (First answer: external link. Second answer: in pin)
3) The Great Pyramids: What are the names of the three pyramids, and how tall is the tallest one? What is a necropolis? Cheops, Khafre, and Menkaure (must click on actual structure to find names). The tallest one, Cheops, is 455.5 feet tall (in external link). A necropolis is a cemetery, or an ancient burial ground (can search dictionary or for answer).

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