Directions: Compare and Contrast at least 5

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Directions: Compare and Contrast at least 5 similarities and differences between the American and French Revolution.

American vs. French Revolution Venn Diagram







Answer Key
American Revolution

  • 1776 (1764-1783)

  • Global War ---American Colonists vs. Britain, France & Germans

  • Causes: ‘No taxation without Representation’

  • Declaration of Independence, Constitution /Bill of Rights

  • Life, Liberty and Property (Inalienable Rights)

  • Results: Independence from Britain, new Republic

French Revolution

  • 1789-1799

  • Global War ---Nobility vs. Poor, Napoleon /Austria & Prussia

  • Causes: Huge national debt/ high taxes, famine, political reform / new ideologies

  • (Estate Generals) Nobles, Clergy and Poor ---not equal representation, poor forms the National Assembly to write its own constitution

  • Fall of Bastille, March of Versailles, National Convention –Republic, Reign of Terror / Committee of Public Safety / Robespierre, Napoleon

  • Declaration of Rights of Man

  • Results: Absolute Monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy, Dictatorship

    • Experimentation with ideas of freedom, liberty..etc., End feudalism

Support: Republicans ---believed in spreading ideals of the revolution, Republic-Democrats

Federalists—feared the revolution violence

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