Directions: Be sure to understand (who, what, where, why, how)

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Directions: Be sure to UNDERSTAND (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, HOW) these concepts for your upcoming assessment. Remember don't simply memorize, but comprehend, evaluate, synthesize and analyze.
Chapter 13

Understand the factors that contributed to the industrialization to America

Understand the role investments played in the expansion of technology

Understand capitalism

Understand how industrialization changed the way companies were owned, operated and managed

Understand corporations

Understand monopolies

Understand the methods used by businesses to minimize/eliminate competition

Understand laissez-faire

Understand the role government played in business expansion

Understand the Sherman Antitrust Act

Chapter 14

What is the working class?

What conditions did workers labor under?

What motivated the use of child labor?

Understand tenements

Understand what a union (Knights of Labor, American Federation of Labor, and the United Mine Workers) is and What methods it uses to achieve its goals (collective bargaining /strikes)

What motivated the strikes of 1877?

How did centers of power (government/business) respond to unions?

What gains did unions make?
Chapter 15

Why did Europeans immigrate to the United States?

What were the experiences of immigrants at Ellis Island?

Understand the Foran Act

Once in America, describe the typical experience of immigrants within America

Understand the resistance experience by new immigrants (nativism, Americanization movement, etc…)

Once in America, describe the typical experience of immigrants within America

Understand the resistance experience by new immigrants (nativism, Americanization movement, etc…)

What motivated Asian Americans to immigrate to the United States?

Understand the resistance to Asian immigrants

Understand the motives and impacts of the Chinese Exclusion Act

Understand the motives for Latino/Canadian immigration and the experiences of both groups

Chapter 16

What is a muckraker (Upton Sinclair, Jacob Riis)?

Understand urbanization

Understand the impact of industrialization on factory production

Understand the conditions in slums


What problems existed within the workplace?

Why were products dangerous for consumption?

What is a political machine and how did they control city politics?

Understand how big business controlled state and federal government

Understand patronage

Chapter 17


Social gospel/populism and its influence on the progressive movement

Progressives view towards social Darwinism

How did progressives improve cities?

What goals did progressives have for children?

How did progressives improve conditions for workers?




Understand the conditions that influenced WEB Du Bois vs. Booker T Washington

Be able to compare and contrast the philosophy of W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T Washington

Chapter 18

Roosevelt’s “Square Deal”

Roosevelt’s view of the presidency

Taft as a reformer

Wilson as a reformer

Trust busting

Pure Food and Drug Act

Preservation vs. conservation

Roosevelt’s contributions to the conservation of the environment

Federal Reserve

Income tax/graduated income tax (16th amendment)

Understand the 17th amendment

Understand the 18th amendment

Understand the 19th amendment

Essential Question:
By 1910, did the benefits of the Industry outweigh its cost?

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