Directions: Answer all questions accordingly

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Mapp vs. Ohio (Chapter 14.1) Illegal Search and Seizure

Directions: Answer all questions accordingly.

  1. Write out the 4th Amendment:

  2. Write out the 14th Amendment:

  3. What is police power?

  4. What is a search warrant?

  5. Who can issue a search warrant?

  6. What is probable cause?

  7. What is the exclusionary clause?

  8. Please give a summary of the events of the Mapp vs. Ohio case.

  9. What was Dolltree Mapp arrested for?

  10. What did the police originally come her house for?

  11. If you were a member of the Supreme Court, how would you have ruled on this case?

  12. What does the Supreme Court rule in the case of Mapp vs. Ohio?

  13. Why do they rule the way they do?

  14. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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