Dinosaur Renaissance Most young boys (and many young girls!) play with dinosaurs

How could scientists explain these giant bones?

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  • How could scientists explain these giant bones?

  • Perhaps they were an incomplete spontaneous generation

  • Perhaps the creature still existed in some unexplored corner of the Earth (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World)

  • Remember that before the “discovery of time” extinction was a very unpopular idea

  • How could species be imperfect if they had been designed by a perfect Creator?

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~bfleury -> In our last lecture, we looked at the ways that trade, travel, technology and agriculture can provide new habitats and new dispersal routes for microbes
lectures -> Dinosaurs 3 Several morphological features suggest dinosaurs relied on visual displays for communication, like modern animals
lectures -> Cells to Organisms 3 Eukaryotic cell was a giant leap forward in the early history of life
lectures -> Id is nothing new latest attempt to put a modern face on some very old ideas is old wine in new bottles…
lectures -> The mystery of life itself… We each spend our own lifetimes trying to answer that question in our own way
lectures -> The Discovery of Time
lectures -> The Discovery of Time We have made great progress in discovering the history of life on Earth
lectures -> Origin of Life 3 How could a system as complex as a living cell get started?

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