Dieppe Raid (Operation Jubilee)

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Dieppe Raid

(Operation Jubilee)

  • August 19, 1942 the allied sent 6,000 men, 5,000os which were Canadian soldiers to the Nazi held port of Dieppe off the coast of France.

  • Their mission was to invade the port take the nearby town and pull out. The objective was to test the strength of the German defence.

  • The mission was a complete failure. Bombers and ships were to bombard the coast and destroy Nazi machine gun nests and artillery.

  • No objectives met; of the 5,000 Canadians sent approximately 1,000 of them lost their lives and 2,000 were injured.

  • The Allies would learn from their mistakes from Dieppe and begin their plans for the D-Day invasion.

Invasion of Italy

(Operation Husky)

  • This invasion was designed to take pressure off the Russians and steal German troops from western Europe where D-Day was to take place.

  • Germany immediately rushed troops to the defense of Italy and the Allies would meet their first real resistance in Italy.

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