Did whites commit genocide against

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Dispatches from a Darkening Corner of the Dark Continent


by Shaun Willcock

Genocide: Annihilation of a race (Oxford Universal Dictionary)

I received the following e-mail from a woman who visited my website. She appears to be from the United States. This was what she wrote:

“I like your website and I saw your article about the SA Genocide...

“While it is a sad reality, it seems you have forgotten that the South African Blacks have been through an even worse genocide put upon them by Europeans over the last couple of centuries. The abject and unimaginable poverty/apartheid they experienced left horrible scars within the Black communities. They too experienced murder, rape and molestation along with starvation and a lack of education and medicine. Once a human being is treated this way, it is inevitable that they would begin to act out in very bad ways. The Blacks have survived sheer hopelessness and psychological trauma that will take decades to heal.

“There obviously needs to be a healing for the Black South African, but this will take many years. So, what the white SA is experiencing is a sort of manifestation of the actions of their forefathers.

“This website seems to have a belief in God and forgiveness. The White SA should help the healing begin. Reach out to the South African Black. Share the wealth. End the Aids epidemic. End poverty and hunger. End the psychological trauma. End hopelessness.

“Let the healing begin.”
Here is my reply:
Thank you for your recent email.

I don’t know where you live, although it’s possibly in America? Likewise, it’s possible you don’t know that I am a South African, living here in South Africa. You said “it seems you have forgotten that the South African Blacks have been through an even worse genocide put upon them by Europeans over the last couple of centuries.” This is factually incorrect. Firstly, as a South African I’m well aware of my country’s history. Secondly, however, SA blacks did not experience a “genocide” under white rule. In fact, they enjoyed a standard of living far superior to blacks in other parts of the African continent. Granted, it was not equal to the whites’ standard of living; but certainly not to be equated with a genocide by any means. When the Jews suffered genocide at the hands of the Nazis, their population was greatly diminished. This was not the case in SA. On the contrary, the black population under white rule in SA exploded. Blacks were not massacred. Under apartheid, they were certainly treated as second-class citizens, and that was wrong; but being treated as a second-class citizen is a far cry from experiencing genocide.

The history of SA, indeed the history of colonialism in Africa in general, speaks for itself: despite its failings, colonialism brought much peace to African tribes which had been warring with one another for centuries. Along with colonialism came education, schools, hospitals, far better health care, and many, many other benefits. If indeed the whites had perpetrated genocide upon the blacks in this country, why do the blacks outnumber the whites something like eight to one? So your statement that “They too experienced murder, rape and molestation along with starvation and a lack of education and medicine” is factually incorrect as well. The truth is, murder, rape and molestation are committed far more frequently, and always have been, by blacks upon blacks than by whites upon blacks. Black South Africans today are suffering far more murder, rape and molestation than they ever did under apartheid. Over 25000 murders a year occur in SA, which is higher than any other country in the world outside of a war context – and the overwhelming majority of those victims are blacks. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of the murderers are blacks too. These are the plain and straightforward facts of the matter, easily verified. As for starvation, if this was true then there should not be millions upon millions of black people left in SA – but there are. In neighbouring Zimbabwe, when ruled by the white government in the 1970s, there was not starvation. Today, under the black government of Robert Mugabe, there is widespread starvation. In SA, millions and millions of blacks are living below the poverty line. And no, this was not a “legacy of apartheid.” That excuse, so beloved of liberals, won’t wash anymore. The ANC government has been in power for eleven years now, with vast resources at its command. The time for blaming “apartheid” is long past... if ever there was a time for it.
You are also incorrect to say that what white South Africans are experiencing is a sort of manifestation of the actions of their forefathers. No, men are responsible for their own actions. Whatever their ancestors did, that is history. It gives no excuse to men to act like beasts now. And again, the whites of the past were simply not (the vast majority of them) the monsters which they are portrayed to be by the liberal press etc. Africa would be a whole lot worse off if the Europeans had never come here. European colonialism was actually the very best thing to ever happen to Africa, despite its many failings and shortcomings and sins. Africa prior to the European involvement was a place of witchcraft, cruelty, slavery, degradation, etc. And now, Africa after the European involvement is reverting rapidly back to that terrible state of things. The facts speak for themselves, in one African country after another. It’s not the fault of colonialism, the “legacy” of colonialism. That ended decades ago. And African leaders have swallowed vast amounts of foreign aid, siphoned it off into their own personal accounts while their people starve. Africa’s problems are not the creation of colonialism. Africa’s problems are the creation of Africans themselves, and no amount of whining and harping on about colonialism will make those facts go away.
You wrote something rather incredible when you said: “The White SA should help the healing begin. Reach out to the South African Black. Share the wealth. End the Aids epidemic. End poverty and hunger. End the psychological trauma. End hopelessness. Let the healing begin.”

Firstly, white South Africans are for the most part more than willing to help their black counterparts, and have been reaching out for a long time. But many blacks are doing their very best to make white South African feel as if this is no longer their home. Affirmative action is nothing but apartheid in reverse. Whites see no future in this country, but they can’t leave, for the most part. It’s blacks who are not reaching out to whites.

Secondly, “share the wealth.” But – why? What a man makes for himself, he is not obligated to share with those who will not work. This “sharing the wealth” is Marxist language and it does not work anywhere in the world. Since apartheid ended, huge numbers of blacks have become extremely wealthy, as they have been fast-tracked into very comfortable jobs earning huge salaries. Thus there are many wealthy blacks as well as wealthy whites. Also, many whites are living in extreme poverty today thanks to racist black affirmative action policies. It is a fallacy to imagine that all whites here are wealthy and all blacks are poor. That is far, far too simplistic. When a man works hard and becomes wealthy, he is not obligated to “share his wealth” with others. A true Christian will always help those in real need out of what he possesses; but no man has to “share his wealth” with others.

Thirdly, “End the Aids epidemic.” This naive statement sounds like you think it’s in the power of whites to end it. May I ask you how, precisely, whites are supposed to do that? Are they simply to click their fingers and the epidemic will go away? Who is responsible for the spread of Aids in Africa? Whites? The statistics speak for themselves. In Africa, Aids is overwhelmingly spread by the sexual promiscuity of black men. Remember that whites are numerically negligible in Africa today. Aids is rampaging through the black communities. The only thing that will end the Aids epidemic is a major shift in black attitudes to sexual promiscuity.

“End poverty and hunger.” These things, like Aids, can’t just magically be brought to an end. The policies of the Marxist-controlled ANC government of SA are directly responsible for poverty and hunger, as was their vicious call for sanctions against SA in the 1980s. Vast numbers of black South Africans have been reduced to poverty by the Marxist policies of this government.
You wrote to me in a kind way and even though you are mistaken and misinformed, I have sought to reply in the same spirit. However, given the facts as they are, it is difficult to put such things across without expressing very strong feeling. This too I have done. As one living here and seeing the misery being brought upon millions by a Communist government, it breaks my heart. It also breaks my heart to see how people in other parts of the world are still being lied to about SA, and are still falling for the same old, worn inaccuracies about this country and Africa in general. Please become better informed about SA. The truth is nothing like the media, ANC politicians, and others would have you believe. The people of SA, black and white, are not served or helped by such propaganda and deception. This is a country that is coming apart at the seams, not because of apartheid, which ended many years ago, and not because of the previous white government, which was nothing like the disaster for SA which it was portrayed to be, but because of the maniacal policies of the Communist-controlled government of the African National Congress.
In Christ’s service

Shaun Willcock

Bible Based Ministries

5 September 2005

Shaun Willcock is a minister of the Gospel, and lives in South Africa. He runs Bible Based Ministries.
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