Dictators in a Changing World

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Dictators in a Changing World

  • The First World War and the depression caused many Europeans (including Germany) to lose faith in their leaders. Anybody who promised escape from the depression did extremely well. Many dictators (absolute rulers) gained power during the time.

  • Fascism spread through Italy. Benito Mussolini formed a group of supporters that broke union talks and rallies using clubs and fists. Nobody was allowed to speak out against his government.

  • In Russia, Joseph Stalin did the same thing. He used secret police groups to eliminate government opposition. Many thousands of Russians died under Stalin’s rule.

  • In Japan, a group of young army officers took over the government and took control of the army. Anyone who opposed them was shot to death.

  • In Spain, Francisco Franco and his supporters started a war in Spain trying to overthrow the government in Spain. By the end of the war Franco had complete control of the country.

  • Canada was not free of this Fascist takeover. Many fascist groups tried to gain support in Canada but failed.

  • Many of the democratic nations around the world saw the building tensions in Europe and were worried about a new war.

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