Development of a market strategy for domestic fuelwood in ireland

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3.2.4 Woodfuel prices
In 1997/98 in the canton of Vaud the prices of various types of woodfuel were as follows (Prices in FS from Anon. 1999a):
Table 3.1 Cost of wood fuel in the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland for the 1997/98 season, expressed in Swiss Francs

Firewood type

Green wood in forest Per m3

Logs in bags from yard, per 100 kg

Small logs for stoves, per 10kg





Mixed Broadleaf












Wood chip (recommended prices in FS per m3)

broadleaf: dry 42-46 and wet 36-42

conifers: dry 30-34 and wet 24-30.

However it was noted that prices for woodchip had in recent years been much lower than recommended prices. With regard to the price of fire wood logs it was noted that, for small quantities, supermarkets can charge several times more than producers or forest owners (Anon. 1999a).
3.2.5 Type of wood burning installations and wood consumption
In 1997 an exhaustive survey (Anon. 1998c) was carried out in Switzerland to determine the type of wood burning systems and their respective wood consumption (see figure below for details). It was estimated that there were 670,708 systems using 2.3 million m3 per year. Most of the logs were burnt in central heating systems or in ceramic stoves but this represents less than half of the total wood used for energy production. The main change observed between 1990 and 1997 had been the threefold increase in wood use in non-industrial woodchip central heating systems, the increase in the number of closed fireplaces and chimney stoves and the reduction in combined wood/oil central heating systems. It is worth noting that, as pointed out by Keel et al. (1996), owners of small systems often do not know how much they are using and thus making estimations of their consumption difficult.
Table 3.2 the number of wood burning heating systems in Switzerland in 1997, and the total amount of woodfuel consumed in these systems

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